Know your Authors

Deepak Pandian

Deepak is normally abnormal and abnormally normal in his way of life. He often sees significance in insignificant things and also at times misses the significance of things tagged “important” in life. That leads him to several  pleasant and unpleasant experiences ,serving as inspiration for his share of stories. In his leisure he watches umpteen kids and movies. He has a passion for technology and he is back to school for mastering it in South Asian University,New Delhi.


Prakash Sambandam

Prakash is a people person, sportsman, reader, from the Information Technology industry. He writes his observations of the world around him with an analytical inkling


Sabapathy Narayanan

All of us keep telling stories in our day-to-day lives. We tell stories about our children, colleagues, our day, our travel etc. but we just don’t call them stories. There is a lot to learn and share from these personal stories. For me, an example is a story, an anecdote is a story, a conversation between two people is a story, timelines about a person is a story. Keep telling them and keep learning from them.

[Photo Courtesy: My friend Karthik Viswanathan; Place: ECR, Chennai; Camera: Nikon, Coolpix L120]


Shriram Sivaramakrishnan

An eternal lover of ‘things in between’, roads less traveled, emotions seldom expressed, moments forever lost, words constantly overlooked and so on.

Vivek Achary
Vivek Achary has a technology background and preferred to let it remain in the background. He has spent most of his life as an advertising copywriter and creative all-rounder. He professes an avid interest in all things artistic including music, painting, poetry, calligraphy, photography, computer graphics, animation… He is unsure whether his diversity of interests shows that he is hugely talented, or merely confused.
5 Responses “Know your Authors” →
  1. These are the first set of authors. I should be adding more to this soon. Thanks everyone for sharing the snaps and a brief about yourself.


  2. Vivek Achary

    July 15, 2012

    Nice to know more about the authors 🙂


  3. bharathnkumar

    July 17, 2012

    Hi to all authors..Good Idea Saba.

  4. Where are the stories about others?

  5. Hi!!!!!!!!! All.


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