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Advice to a wrong person

August 24, 2013


There was guy whose house was leaking during the rain. One of his friends asked, “Hey, you have leakage inside your house, why don’t you seal it?”. He replied, “Now, it is not possible to seal it as it is raining”. His friend said, “Ok, then seal it when it stops raining”. He replied “Oh, […]

Illuminate Dancers

May 9, 2013


I recently saw a video in YouTube.  Their is a  team called Illuminate – they are a group of dancers, headed by a lady, who is a Software Engineer and dances at night as an hobby. She says, this is what happens when software engineering combines with dance.  The team members wear an illumination costume […]

They ignore you, when you do

March 24, 2013


I am responsible for updating the worked volume on a daily basis to my manager.  I have never received any reply email from them and I was doing this work for the past ten months.  I forgot to send the email on Thursday to the managers and the next day I got an email reply […]

The Idea

February 5, 2013


A guy bought a chicken farm.  He wanted to develop the farm to get more income.  So he went to an expert to get some ideas.  The expert suggested him to use a particular food grain for his chicken.  He used it and the next day 50 of his  100 chickens died.  Again he went […]

The story of bodhidharma and his doll

February 1, 2013


How many of you know about the “Tanjore doll”?.  Do you think this doll was invented in Tanjore?  Not at all, it was invented by Bodhidharma. Once a guy came to visit Bodhidharma to get a solution for his problems.  That guy narrated his problems, but Bodhidharma was playing with his doll.  The guy got […]

Concentrate to Meditate

January 30, 2013


A guy was meditating by the riverside.  At first, he meditated having his eyes open.  He saw a young girl pass by and got distracted so he decided to close his eyes and meditate.  The next day, at the same time the young girl passed by and since he has closed his eyes he was […]

Work and Play

January 25, 2013


A father asked his little girl to bring his spectacles, which he kept upstairs.  The little girl refused stating, “Dad, I have to go upstairs climbing 20 steps, get the spectacles and climb down 20 steps, I can’t do it”.  The father did not tell anything thinking that it would hurt his child.  Few minutes […]