This is the blog page of ‘telltaleclub’ that believes in storytelling. We understand the difference between telling stories and reading written stories. Hence, we are looking at doing a get together also for a couple of hours every week when we can share stories. We are looking for the right place and it should be finalized soon enough.

Story telling is both telling stories and listening to them. Every story told should influence the audience to tell more stories. Some of the featured stories in this blog will also be converted into short films. All these activities are going to be done collectively by people who are involved in this club activities. At this point in time and for a foreseeable future, we do not intend to monetize any of these activities.

We are looking at doing stories that are experienced, heard, overheard, read or created.

An image is worth a thousand words and a story is worth a thousand assurances.

Come and be a part of this journey and if you are interested in contributing stories or listening or just want to be a part of it, feel free to write to saba@djargon.com

PS: As of 18th February, 2013, the contributors of stories are Suba, Prakash, Vivek, Deepak, Vendan, Krishnan, Lakshmi, Anand, Rahul, Suri, Tangom, Srini, Hari, Bharath, Aravindhan, Namita, Manoj, Karthiyayini, Thenappan, Valentino, Karthik, Shriram, Rohit, Gopi, Devasena, Divya, Bharath Ram, Nachiappan, Chandrika, Gayathri, Shiva Shankar, Suresh, Bharath Raja, Rahul Gopi, Muthiah Sriram, Srinivasan and Sabapathy. It is growing and we will keep updating it regularly. We will also have a page for authors, just so that you get to know them better

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  1. How to be an author to this club?


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