I have the eraser and pencil

Posted on April 11, 2014 by


This story was shared by a storytelling session participant on how communication is interpreted by different people. He and his friend were doing mechanical engineering and as a part of his course, they were asked to do a lab in Electrical Engineering. Though, they did not like it, they didn’t have a choice to opt out of it. Add to that, the professor handling the lab was considered to be strict and a very difficult person to satisfy.

They were asked to do a circuit and show the journal to the professor. They both went to show him the circuit and his friend was the first one to show. There were some changes to be made and the professor asked him to make those changes and that is when his friend mentioned that he did not bring the pencil and eraser. The professor literally threw the journal out and asked him to leave as well.

The next time, he was asked to do a circuit and submit. This friend was well prepared and he carried with him two pencils and an eraser along with his journal. When he showed it to him, the professor looked at it and asked him to explain the circuit. Immediately, this friend answered, “Sir, I have brought the eraser and pencil with me today and I will change it immediately”. The professor was stumped and the person who shared this story was also stumped by the response.

Irrespective of what is being said, most times you are preoccupied in your thought process and that forces you to respond differently. Likewise, people interpret communication differently.