See the wonder!

Posted on April 10, 2014 by


My 9 year old son complained of tooth pain for a few days and I took him to a Dentist. Once we reached there, he started conversing with the Dentist asking her a number of questions. He started with, “Would you be pulling my teeth with something and would it pain?” and then when she asked him to sit on the examination chair, he said, “I don’t want to sit on this chair” and she kind of convinced him to sit by telling him that this chair can be moved up and down and it would be fun.

When the Dentist wore the gloves, he started getting worried and started asking, “Are you sure that this is not going to hurt me?”. Then she used a small mirror to do the examination. He started asking, “I can understand using a mirror if I have to see my own teeth, but for you, my teeth must be easily visible and why are you using the mirror?”. By this time, she really started laughing and passed comments like, “he is very cute” etc.

He was wearing a Chennai Super Kings T-shirt. She asked him, if he was a fan of Chennai Super Kings. He responded saying, “I am a fan of Chennai Super Kings but I don’t watch them play”. She didn’t know how to respond. Then he looked at the display at her clinic, which had some tooth brushes and tooth pastes. He started asking if they were for sale or would they be given away for free. When she said that it is for sale, then he started saying that they can be sold only in shops and not in clinics. She started laughing out loud again and said that he is adorable.

Unfortunately, we are so used to this cuteness and adorability, we really don’t notice it any further. Maybe, it is time that we stop and start to admire these things. I used this story also at a session that I conducted in one of my customer’s place asking them at work to stop and appreciate how incredibly well they are doing. In short, “See the wonder and feel the passion”.