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Just go and meet people

August 31, 2013 by


I was a very reluctant networker to begin with. Many a times, I would go to an event and end up standing around quietly while everyone else was having fun. I didn’t feel comfortable and decided to do my part in having conversations with perfect strangers, at least a few of them at every chance. […]

Odd people

August 29, 2013 by


It’s been a while my mum was bugging me to take her on a holy trip to Tirupati. Wanting to put an end to her dismal and keeping in mind the crowds at Tirupati, was exploring the options to visit Venky with minimal hassle. I opted for the travel agency who’s got tie ups and […]

Krishna’s birth and my image

August 27, 2013 by


Last night, my son was telling a story about Krishna’s birth to me and my wife. After he finished, I told the story by repeating the exact words that he used. I got the first 4 sentences right. By the time I was done with the 4th sentence, my son was mighty impressed with me […]

Ticket less travel

August 26, 2013 by


I traveled from Kodambakkam to Guindy a few days ago. I was to be picked up by a friend of mine at Guindy by 4.30 PM. Unfortunately, I reached Guindy station by 4 pm itself and I had 30 minutes to kill. Instead of standing outside the station, I occupied one of the chairs on […]

Advice to a wrong person

August 24, 2013 by


There was guy whose house was leaking during the rain. One of his friends asked, “Hey, you have leakage inside your house, why don’t you seal it?”. He replied, “Now, it is not possible to seal it as it is raining”. His friend said, “Ok, then seal it when it stops raining”. He replied “Oh, […]

The way you react to a child

August 22, 2013 by


I went to my Son’s school to do a session on Storytelling. I did a 45 minutes session and at the end of it all, there was one aunty (that is what the teachers are called in a Montessori environment), who asked a question to the children present, “Do you all know who this uncle […]

He came up with my idea!

August 17, 2013 by


I know a person who was participating in a content on ‘tall tales’. He asked me for some suggestions. I told him a tall tale that I had made up based on some conversations with another friend of mine. He liked the tale, he made some modifications to it and went on to win the […]