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There is no bubble in my bubble gum

March 30, 2013 by


I took my son out last evening and on our way back, he said that he wants bubble gum. I was not willing to buy him one and when I was about to explain that, he said that he can blow bubbles with the bubble gum and he will show me if I buy him […]

Use of Air Cooler

March 29, 2013 by


The weather being hot, Air Cooler is used to cool the rooms, in turn making the weather more hot.

Only the Software Engineer…

March 28, 2013 by


Software Engineer is the only person who closes the laptop and leaves office early so that he [or]she can work undisturbed on the same laptop at home.

Unasked for ..

March 28, 2013 by


Hari was traveling on his bike. It was a totally deserted road. There were 3 souls some 500 metres away from where Hari was coming. They had planned it for 2 weeks and this was the right time. It just needed that Hari was even more closer; this would help them to go for a […]

The Irony

March 24, 2013 by


Was just surfing through my facebook wall and I just noticed this quote that didn’t fail to evoke a smile. Here it is – “Computers and Mobiles were invented to save our time” What an irony, it was indeed meant to save time, but is that how it is these days?

They ignore you, when you do

March 24, 2013 by


I am responsible for updating the worked volume on a daily basis to my manager.  I have never received any reply email from them and I was doing this work for the past ten months.  I forgot to send the email on Thursday to the managers and the next day I got an email reply […]

Who is a thought leader?

March 22, 2013 by


I was doing a session on ‘Storytelling for Marketing’ last week. One of the participants asked me this question, who is a thought leader? I didn’t want to get into aspect of a thought leader being a subject matter expert and elevate them to a status of rock star. Instead, I explained stating that everyone […]