iPhonic iTree!

Posted on July 10, 2012 by


Life was so simple until I got my iphone.  I was following my own rules before but now my iPhone started to set me rules to follow.  It wakes me up early in the morning and it gives me instructions like “brush your teeth, take your bath and go to office”.  I was annoyed and felt that someone is controlling every moment of my life.  I got irritated and decided to bury my iPhone.

One day I buried my iPhone in the garden and I went to sleep.  Believe me I had a very good sleep.  I woke up late in the morning.  I was shocked to see that from my window.  My iPhone has sprouted as a tree and gave out many iPhones.  Oh my god, I thought of getting rid of one iPhone but now I have so many iPhones.  I didn’t know what to do next.

I took all the iPhones and started selling it and these iPhones started to control other people’s lives too.  You know I made more money than Steve Jobs selling these iPhones.

Somehow Steve Jobs found out that I was selling more iPhones than apple, and he filed a case against me.  Police arrested me and they inquired about how I was making more number of iPhones???.  I never told them the truth and I thought they won’t believe, if I tell them the truth.  Steve Jobs came in person and asked me how I was able to make many iPhones and it seems to be original??.  I said, “I will tell the truth to you”, but in turn you should get me out of the jail.  Steve agreed and I told the truth to him.  He didn’t believe me initially.  I said “if you want you can try burying your phone in your garden and if you find it to be true then release me from jail”.  He agreed and tried it in his garden and he found that it really happened that his buried iPhone also grew into a tree and gave out many iPhones.  He then took me out of jail.

You people may wonder, how iPhones can sprout???.  I will give you a scientific explanation now.  There is a partially eaten apple in it, which contains some seeds too.  So obviously it will grow.  If you want to check if your iPhone is original, just bury it in your garden and see whether it sprouts. Else, it is a fake product which contains fake apple that wont sprout.  I guess even iPads will sprout !!!!